Bar “Piazzetta delle Giare”

The colorful and characteristic “Piazzetta delle Giare” (Little square with jars), works as the center of a series of buildings of typical Mediterranean style which surround it giving the feeling of a small village. Over it look the characteristic “cafè” bar, the reception hall, the common areas, the restaurant and the boutiques which create a special background with their picturesque windows.

Also the characteristic balconies of the rooms of the hotel guest look out over this scenery, as do the terraces of the self-catering apartments located in more panoramic position. Mediterranean shrubs and flowerbeds surround all the buildings.

C.e.t.a. Srl P. IVA 00149000499 Strada Provinciale Ovest, 131 (loc. Mola) 57036 Porto Azzurro (LI)