Diving, Surfing and Sailing Courses

Stefano Sub diving center is a Padi center for underwater activities and is operating in the tourist field of Elba island since 2000 year. Divers who consider their passion as their way of living, environmental guides who deeply respect and protect the underwater sea environment, diving trainers with experience of several years both in Italy and abroad: all this in a unique solution and with a sole purpose, to let you be enchanted by one of the most exciting sea beds of the Tuscanian Archipelago. At Porto Azzurro, one of the most characteristic village, Stefano and his staff will take care of every your single breath!

For our guests, individual packages for diving activities including underwater guide, scuba and ballast at special rates.

C.e.t.a. Srl P. IVA 00149000499 Strada Provinciale Ovest, 131 (loc. Mola) 57036 Porto Azzurro (LI)