Elba Island

There is an Island in the Mediterranean sea where the crystalline sea water adorns itself with thousands of colors, lapping lazily against golden beaches, insinuating into deep coves concealed by green woodlands or breaking on imposing cliffs: Elba island, a haven in the archipelago of Tuscany.

Elba island gives you the sensation of offering many possibilities in only one holiday: the flat beaches and the rocky cliffs, the wind, the earth, the perfumes, the flavors, the hard work of men, the villages.

A true geological complexity, a vast and fascinating land, covered by woods and Mediterranean shrubs, rich with memories of its past. Its history may narrate about the prehistoric inhabitants, the iron mines, the ancient Etruscans and Romans, the pirate raids, the bloody battles to dominate over this small but important land.

The reputation of Elba island, both in Italy and in Europe, depends also on its wine production asserted by a long tradition. Locally produced, already celebrated at the times of the ancient Romans, the wine enriched merrily during the Medieval times the dinner tables of the Popes and in the eighteen’s century sailing-ships used to carry it to the most important commercial seaports.

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